Commuter Rail Me

by PowerSlut

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"Commuter Rail Me" single from the upcoming album "With Great Power Comes Great Slut" due July 3rd, 2014.


released June 9, 2014

Linnea Herzog: guitar/vox
John Bragg: guitar/vox
Jake O'Donnell: bass
Benjamin Anderson: drums

Produced by Joel Simches
Recorded 02/2014 at Watch City Studios, Waltham, MA and 03/2014 at H24, Brighton, MA
Additional Sonic Chocobliss™ mixing and mastering at Sonic Enhancement Specialists, Ltd.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Joel Simches


Attention, passengers
The next Red Line train to Alewife is now approaching

I can ride you all the way to Wonderland
If you come by tonight, you won’t have to use your hand
I wanna watch you pull into my South Station

Commuter rail me
Don’t you fail me
You can impale me
Go on and nail me

I put the 66 in 666
Get on board and suck my dick
If you ride it all the way to Zone 3
I’m gonna let you bone me

I can ride you on the Red Line
I can ride you on the Blue Line
I can ride you on the Orange Line
But I can’t ride you on the Green Line
It never comes

We’ll stay on ‘til we get to my stop
‘Cuz I’m like Park Street, everyone gets off
You can pull into my Back Bay
I put the T&A in the MBTA

Attention, passengers: the next Red Line train to Alewife is now approaching
Please stand clear of the doors, the doors are closing
If you see a suspicious package, please alert an MBTA official
Please stand by for the next Green Line train to Government Center
Save time and money, buy a Charlie Card today
Remember, courtesy courts. If you see something, say something!
Take my survey, you can ride me all night
For a one year trial period starting spring 2014



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PowerSlut Boston, Massachusetts

"Wisecracking, potty-mouthed, “slut positive,” volume-cranked, indie rock with something of a ‘60s vibe and a lot of contemporary attitude." - Greg Cook, WBUR

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